Once upon a time, a subterranean organization called FIB (Fabulous Investigation Bureau) was created to investigate very suspicious characters and other experts for public unrest. That was when normality transformed into insanity...

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A Graphic Novel by

ISBN 978-0-9868440-0-3
Hardcover / 9x12' / Full Color / 56 pages

Published by ThePublishingEye.
Printed and bound in CANADA.


Visually delightful, structurally complex, narratively satisfying… Intellectual art at its visceral best. This stuff kicks you in the gonads, and then slaps your brain around. It’s raw, and difficult to apprehend straight-on. Best to FEEL this piece. And let the thinking happen in the cracks. I loved it. Bravo.

(Roy Blumenthal)

Strident, cruel, sardonically whimsical, overwhelmingly clever and bleakly hilarious in a Kafka meets Steven Wright channelling Bill Hicks kind of way, this absurdist, hauntingly affecting and astonishingly illustrated book is a uniquely entertaining read the brave and bold and reasonably old won’t dare to miss…

(extract from Now Read This!)

It is hard not to be impressed by the breathtaking artwork which is mostly done in ink and water colour. Balkanski’s stylistic creativity is showcased throughout the book and his compositions complement his stories fantastically.

(extract from Comic Syrup Press)

Not only is Belgrade-born/Vancouver-based artist NeMo Balkanski’s ass-crack dark satire not for children, but if you’re sickened by the idea of a nippled-ballsack wearing an army helmet, then this book probably isn’t for you either.

(extract from The Snype News)

As I swiped from page to page, I felt anger and unrest. Some pages almost seem like diary entries of an abused child, while others seem like the doodles of a psychopath. While the content is brash and unnerving, there is a sort of beauty hidden in the pages of the FIB Chronicle. It is not unlike an artwork by Marcel Duchamp, or a film by David Lynch.

(extract from Pad Gadget)