visual culture for the conscious mind.

>>> books

——— we want to break free
100 artist portraits to fight against discrimination.

——— conversations: language and propaganda
Language is a tool; language is a weapon.

——— echo
A combination of visual abstractions and existential aphorisms to foster introspection.

——— international day of the dead
The International Day of the Dead re-imagines the transformative nature of the skull, beyond the duality of life and death.

——— invisible
A cry of hope, of despair, a candid swan song... Both emotive and graphic, Invisible explores our flaws and weaknesses in an elusive tentative to free ourselves.

——— the deliverer
In a post-apocalyptic Vancouver, harmony is all but a memory, and chaos, the new reality.

——— fib chronicle (this is not for children)
Once upon a time, a subterranean organization called FIB (Fabulous Investigation Bureau) was created to investigate very suspicious characters and other experts for public unrest. That was when normality transformed into insanity.

>>> artist books

——— sabotage
A nihilist manifesto.

——— echo

>>> apparel

——— tee-shirts
Day of the Dead + Conversations.

——— invisible custom
Screen print on anything you want to.