2017 Outstanding Medalist “Freedom Fighter of the Year”
(Independent Publisher Book Awards)

Invisible is a personal reflection on our society through a series of surreal and absurd short texts–each one linked to an illustration–, and explores the role of propaganda in the building of ‘social’ consciousness.

Alongside these portraits of revolutionaries, dissidents, militants, activists, disembodied and dehumanized, this book also presents the human, simple, obvious, the one we glance furtively at each morning in the mirror and hasten to make disappear.

Here, there is neither praise nor triumph, nor cynicism or sarcasm, but rather a sincere love for human beings in their entirety, flaws and limitations included. This is a book about us, the people, excessive, possessive, sluggish, shaky.

In the end, the desire is not to glorify the struggle (nor the person) but to show, instead, the real nature of change: the grimness; the filth; the tragedy but also the passion… the heart and soul that is behind it.

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